The responsibilities and duties of each member of the Chapter Executive Board (CEB) shall be as follows:


The President shall serve as the chief executive officer of the Austin Chapter by developing goals and objectives for the Austin Chapter that are in line with the National Association mission statement.  All elected officers and ad-hoc committee directors shall report directly to this office. The scope of duties for this office includes:

  1. Acting as official spokesperson for the Austin Chapter;
  2. Presiding at all General Membership meetings, CEB meetings, and Special Call meetings;
  3. Representing the Austin Chapter before the National Office of this organization;
  4. Appointing or removing standing committee director(s) with consent of a simple majority of the CEB;
  5. Appointing replacement officers or committee directors for those who are removed or resign from office with the concurrence of a simple majority of the CEB; Calling special meetings;
  6. Creating ad-hoc committees for specific goals or missions;
  7. Casting a deciding vote in the event of a tie at Executive, General or Special Called meetings;
  8. Having the right to veto any decision of the CEB; the CEB has a right to override veto;
  9. Signing check authorization requests before Vice President of Finance releases funds;

Vice President – Strategic Initiatives

  1. Presiding at meetings in absence of the President.
  2. Seeking opportunities where the Austin Chapter and its members can benefit from or assist companies.
  3. Ensuring the effective operation of the Austin Chapter’s committees.
  4. Completing special projects as delegated by the President or the CEB.
  5. Signing check authorization requests in the absence of the president or VP of Administration before Treasurer releases funds.
  6. Other duties as required

Vice President – Education

The committees reporting to this office can be but are not limited to: Scholarship, Leaders of Tomorrow and Rising Stars committees. The scope of duties for this office includes:

  1. Manage and provide governance for Leaders of Tomorrow & Rising Stars Program
  2. Develop and launch programs for the 25-34 age segment, i.e. millenials
  3. Serve a liaison to colleges and universities
  4. Other duties as required

Vice President – Administration

Support and drive the chapter strategy and operations by ensuring that cross-functional activities are coordinated and fit within the Chapter’s strategic direction. The VP of Administrative Operations responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Shall assist the President in administration of the Chapter
  2. Shall oversee the implementation and revisions of the Chapter By-Laws
  3. Shall maintain key performance indicators or other metrics to monitor the health of the chapter.
  4. Shall oversee special project activities of the Chapter

Vice President – Business Development

Raise funds and develop beneficial relationships with corporate and strategic partners.  The VP of Business Development responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Shall identify, develop and propose strategies for the cultivation of major corporations as sources of resource development
  2. Shall oversee grant writing and fundraising event activities
  3. Shall develop relationships with partners for in-kind and cost sharing purposes
  4. Shall lead Corporate Partner Outreach events

Vice President – Communications

Build and maintain a proactive image and public relations strategy that increases a positive perception and news about the organization. The VP of Communications responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Shall develop and implement a communications platform to promote the organization
  2. Shall define and enforce standards for all key messages, branding, and collateral dedicated to developing partnerships
  3. Shall be responsible for timely distribution of all Chapter communications including newsletters, meeting notices, special events
  4. Shall oversee all marketing, media and public relations activities

Vice President – Membership

Increase membership and deliver programming relevant to the needs of the member stakeholders. The VP of Membership responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Shall be responsible for maintenance of accurate membership records
  2. Shall maintain the Chapters database of members, supporters, prospective members, etc.
  3. Shall oversee the Student Affairs and Membership development initiatives
  4. Shall oversee, grow, and communicate Member benefits

Vice President – Finance

Manage and report funds as required. The VP of Finance responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Shall be in charge of the Chapters funds and financial records
  2. Shall collect any special assessment levied by the Chapter and all funds raised from special events of the Chapter
  3. Shall coordinate the development of the Chapter budget
  4. Shall work with the VP Membership to insure the accuracy of the membership rolls